Jiuzhou Eight Type Bearing Distribution Skill Analysis: Thrust Ball Bearing Layout and Features

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Jiuzhou Eight Type Bearing Distribution Skill Analysis: Thrust Ball Bearing Layout and Features

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-07-23

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The thrust ball bearing is a kind of separate bearing; the shaft ring and the seat ring can be separated from the cage and the steel ball assembly. The shaft ring is a ferrule matched with the shaft; the seat ring is a ferrule matched with the bearing seat hole; There is a gap between the shaft and the shaft.
Two-way thrust angle contact ball bearing; touch angle is 60 degrees; consists of a double groove seat with smooth oil groove, two shaft rings, two sets of steel ball cage assemblies; and a spacer ring. The unevenness of the spacer ring can Adjust the size of the pre-interference of the angular contact ball bearing when selecting the bearing.
The thrust spherical roller bearing consists of a shaft ring, a race and a set of asymmetric spherical rollers. Inside the bearing; the effect line of the roll load and the bearing axis are skewed into a certain touch angle; capable of accepting heavier axial loads Also capable of accepting radial loads; thrust roller bearings with active centering function for receiving heavier axial loads; occupying space. 腋 腋 茫 茫 茫 こ袒 推力 推力. Thrust roller bearings It consists of a shaft ring, a race, a cage and a roller assembly; all three can be separated. One-way thrust roller bearings can only accept axial loads in one direction.
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