Analysis of "The cause of NSK bearing oscillations and noise"

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Analysis of "The cause of NSK bearing oscillations and noise"

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-07-11

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Usually we use the time of the imported bearings; the temperature will increase in the future after the start of the operation; but the usual temperature is about 10~40 degrees; in this range of values ​​is normal; some bearings due to the size and operation The speed and smooth method are different, which causes some bearings to heat up slowly.
When the NSK bearing does not reach the normal state, it will show an abnormal temperature rise; the following factors can be considered; then the rapid stop can not avoid unnecessary loss.
The main reason for the rise of the abnormal temperature of the bearing, the second, the bearing smooth oil is too much or too little.
Third, the bearing equipment is not good.
Fourth, the internal clearance of the bearing has passed.
Fifth, the bearing seal equipment conflict is too large.
As long as you know the reason for the warming of the bearing clearly, you can find a better way to deal with it.
Rolling bearings exhibit late-stage fault characteristics to present serious problems (usually bearing damage such as axles, burns, sand cracks, raceways, bead wear, etc.) do not exceed one week; the larger the equipment capacity; the faster the speed; The shorter the interval is. Therefore, in the practice of rolling bearing fault diagnosis; once the late fault characteristics are found; the NSK bearing should be judged to be faulty;
The oscillation of the rolling bearing and the beginning of the noise increase after a period of time; the oscillation and noise are kept at a certain level; the spectrum is very simple; only one or two times the frequency is present. The frequency of the power frequency is less than three times; the bearing condition is very stable; After continuous operation, it enters the late stage of operation; the rolling bearing oscillation and noise start increase; sometimes it shows an abnormal sound; but the change of the oscillation increase is slower; at this moment; the bearing kurtness value starts to reach a certain value. We think that; at this moment, the rolling bearing is expressed as Initial problems.
The production of NSK bearings is obviously through multiple processing steps such as casting, heat treatment, turning, grinding and installation. The rationality, advancement and stability of each processing technology will also affect the life of the bearings. Heat treatment and grinding process; often have a more direct relationship with the failure of the bearing. These years have been marked by the research on the surface of the bearing operation; the grinding process is closely related to the quality of the bearing appearance.
The primary responsibility of bearing life analysis is based on a number of landscape materials, analytical data and failure mode formats; identify the primary elements that constitute bearing failure; to provide an improved approach to alignment; delay the decommissioning period of NSK bearings; Prevent the early failure of sudden onset of bearing fire.
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