The solution to the glitch in the daily use of the parking license plate recognition system

In daily life, license plate recognition systems are installed at entrances and exits of various districts, commercial plazas, hotels, office buildings, and so on. The use of license plate recognition systems has become more and more widely used. While the application of parking management system brings convenience to people, there are often some minor problems. Organized some of the system glitches encountered by some daily customers and shared some solutions.

First, the software failure class:

1. Management software crashes (1) Reboot the computer (2) Conflict between video card and other card, change slot (3) Change the interrupt number, 2. The software cannot enter the access management (1) Check whether the card reader is powered on and the communication is normal. (2) The network is normal (3) The computer graphics card is set properly (4) The system settings are normal 3. The software is slow to respond when the card is swiped or the computer hangs up (1) Check whether the operating system is normal (reinstall the system)

(2) The vehicle library data can not be too much (filing a small amount of data)

(3) Whether the network is stable and the transmission rate is low (adjustment speed)

(4) Whether the workstation settings are normal (unified setting)

4, the software image does not take pictures or can not retain the image (1) check the mapped network drive is normal (reset)

(2) Whether the image is deleted (3) Check if the image is saved 0 days 5, the image is not clear (1) The video is not set properly (normal setting)

(2) display resolution, color desktop size adjustment 6, the computer is not stable, the system often error, easy to crash when operating the software (1) computer killing the virus (2) check the computer records the vehicle record is too much 7, the computer network is not Stable, disconnected at the same time (1) RJ-4S head is bad, replaceable (2) Terminal resistance of BNC head is bad, (replacement)

(3) HUB is stable power supply (4) card settings are <br> <br> two changes, the display garbled

1, check whether the display water (blow water treatment)

2, too much dust short circuit (dust removal processing)

3, SCM loose (re-inserted until the microcontroller is normal)

Third, the display does not show 1, the display has no power (replace the transformer or Phoenix plug-in line connected)

2, check the display board MCU (replace MCU)

3, check the display board (replace the display board)

Fourth, the intercom system can not be used

1. There is no sound for the intercom extension (replace the speaker or check the line)

2, the host can not talk (bad host speakers or button contact)

3, the host noise (interference caused by the speaker cable shield grounding)

The above are some minor faults and solutions that some of the license plate recognition systems will encounter on a daily basis. When these problems are encountered, they can be tried and eliminated on their own, which can save a lot of time. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved, contact the manufacturer and let the manufacturer arrange for the staff to resolve.

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