The first micro-motor and magnetic material exhibition opened in Guangzhou

With the development of the informatization and digitization of the electronic component industry and the electrical appliance industry, the role of micro-motors and magnetic materials has become increasingly prominent. A professional exhibition with the theme of micro motors and magnetic materials was also held. On September 20th, the first China (Guangzhou) International Micro Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition (MIA2012) was grandly opened at Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex. The exhibition was jointly organized by the China Electronics Association, the Guangdong Electronic Industry Association and Zhenwei Exhibition Group. The three-day exhibition aims to help domestic and foreign companies gain insight into industry trends, develop markets, and strengthen trade exchanges.

As a professional micro-motor and magnetic material exhibition, the first exhibition area reached more than 10,000 square meters, and there are more than one hundred famous brand enterprises in the exhibition. According to industry sources, professionalism, innovation, and authority are the three highlights of the MIA2012 exhibition, which attracted 12,000 professional buyers to visit and purchase.

MIA2012 is a world-class micro-motor special exhibition on the same topic as Micro Motor and Magnetic Materials. It can more effectively share audience resources and create a one-stop shopping platform for buyers and professional visitors to purchase centrally.

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