L. serrata

The loose hole material, the growth wheel is not obvious. The new section of heartwood is orange-red, and for a long time it turns into deep purple or black purple. The tube hole is invisible under the naked eye, and the diameter of the chord is 206 μm at the maximum, with an average of 149 μm; the number is at least 1, 1 to 4/mm 2 . The axial thin-walled structure is obvious under the magnifying glass, and the main concentric layer type thin line (1-2 cells wide) is arranged regularly. Wood fiber wall thickness. Visible under the wood ray magnifying glass; the wave marks are not obvious; the ray tissue is in the same shape as a single column. The acid aroma is weak; the structure is very fine to fine; the texture is staggered; there is local curl; the air dry density is 0.95g/cm3.

Buffer Bed

Impact Cradle Bed,Impact Bed,Conveyor Impact Bed

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