Small apartment decoration skills used to say good

These days, the layout of the entertainment version has basically been contracted by the baby. I would like to spend a happy day on this one's share of trouble. It's really tragic. But still want to remind the friends who are decorating or preparing to decorate, don't forget to have the decoration. Here to introduce the next small apartment decoration skills, very helpful to the decoration.

1. Simple Furniture for Small House Decoration Skills

All aspects of a small apartment renovation should be taken into account, especially when it comes to space use, such as furniture. How can it be possible to divide and link each space in a limited space and avoid congestion? This has a close relationship with the form and size of furniture. Simple style, light texture, small and exquisite furniture, especially those that can be freely assembled, disassembled and stored are more suitable for small size. Taking the study as an example, it is obviously very difficult to have a computer desk and a bookshelf, but if you choose a holistic study, you can solve this problem very well.

2, the function of small apartment decoration skills first

Small-sized units are different from large-sized ones, and space utilization requirements are more reasonable. Therefore, it is usually first to satisfy practical functions, and as a criterion, various functional areas and some large furniture are arranged. For example, an open kitchen can be designed, and the living room can be combined with the dining room, etc., provided that the use of each function is not affected, and then the space that is infiltrated is used to increase the layering and decorative effect of the interior. Small-sized units have a smaller space, but they also want to have their own independent space. At this time, they can choose barriers, sliding doors or removable furniture to replace the physical walls, so that the walls live, when they need to appear .

3, the color of small apartment decoration skills do not thick

Many people like vivid colors and look full of personalities, but they are not very suitable for small ones. Small homes are inherently small, and strong, vibrant colors make them look more crowded and stressful. Ever since, bright colors have been eliminated. What about the performance of that cool tone? Cool colors are more suitable for small size than bright colors because they can give people a sense of diffusion and retreat.

4. Simple decoration of small apartment decoration

Small-sized houses are simply good, and don't be fancy. Discard complex decorations and have uniform elements within each functional partition. For small-sized units to decorate, we must adhere to less and better. Laying must be in order and focus should be given. Excessive things can make people feel bored. Do not add too much decoration to the windows. Keep the shades of the curtains coordinated with the decoration of the room. If the bedroom is small, do not use large curtains. The same wallpaper is used in the kitchen, bedroom and hallway to make the room appear spacious.

The above is a small family decoration some of the skills and precautions, suits the local conditions suitable for the selection of small apartment decoration in order to get satisfactory results.

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