Building waterproof material price and application range

The proper selection of building waterproof material not only can reduce the cost of the entire project, but also guarantee the waterproof quality of the building later. Each kind of waterproof material has its special performance. If you choose cheaper waterproof material as a substitute for cost saving, the later maintenance work will be very troublesome. The position of building waterproof material in a construction project is obvious, and its choice has a great influence on the project schedule and budget. We usually refer to building waterproof materials according to their use can be divided into three categories: asphalt waterproof roll, waterproof plugging coating, building sealing materials.

Architectural waterproof material

With the continuous improvement of social living conditions, people are paying more and more attention to their own quality of life and their requirements for waterproofing are constantly increasing. In recent years, along with the development of social science and technology, new types of waterproof products and their engineering application technologies have developed rapidly, and they have evolved from multi-layer to single-layer, from thermal construction to cold construction. Faced with the continuous progress and renewal of science and technology, it is particularly important to master the construction preparation and quality issues of the waterproofing project, which is of great significance to the future development of construction projects.

Building waterproof material effect

Building waterproof material is the material foundation of waterproof engineering, and it is the main barrier to ensure that buildings and structures prevent rainwater intrusion and groundwater and other moisture infiltration. The waterproof material has great influence on waterproof engineering, so it must be studied from waterproof material. Waterproof problem.

Building waterproof material composition

Grace non-asphalt construction waterproofing membrane is a multi-layer composite waterproof material with excellent performance, including a high-performance PE film, a pressure-sensitive polymer adhesive layer and a uniquely formulated particle layer.

AA-JA architectural waterproof coating is a high-molecular synthetic material that exhibits a viscous liquid at room temperature. After being brushed on the surface of the base layer, a volatile waterproof film is formed by the volatilization of the solvent or the evaporation of the moisture or the chemical reaction between the components, which functions as a waterproof and moisture-proof effect. Coating waterproof layer complete, no seams, light weight, simple and easy construction, easy repair, long service life characteristics. If the waterproof coating is used together with the sealing and sealing material, the waterproof performance can be enhanced, the leakage of water can be effectively prevented, and the durability of the waterproof layer can be extended.

Waterproof coating is based on polyether as the main raw material, and is made of various additives. It is a one-component flexible coating without organic solvent evaporation. Its low solid content has high strength and elongation of more than 90%, and its tensile strength is more than 1.9%. .


What are the building waterproof materials

1, asphalt waterproof material. The natural asphalt, petroleum asphalt and coal asphalt as the main raw materials, made of asphalt linoleum, asphalt tire felt, solvent-based and water emulsion bitumen or asphalt rubber coatings, ointments, with good adhesion, plasticity, Water resistance, corrosion resistance and durability.

2. Polyethylene and polypropylene type waterproof material: linear low-density polyethylene resin is added with anti-aging agent, stabilizer, adhesion promoter and high-strength new spun-bonded polypropylene filament non-woven fabric, made by hot melt direct pressure composite technology Composite waterproof membrane. It has good anti-permeability, high tensile strength, good low-temperature flexibility, small linear expansion coefficient, good stability, non-toxicity, strong deformation adaptability, wide temperature range, long service life and other good comprehensive technical performance.

3, rubber plastic waterproof material. With neoprene rubber, butyl rubber, ethylene propylene diene monomer, polyvinyl chloride, polyisobutylene and polyurethane as raw materials, it can be made into elastic tireless waterproof membrane, waterproof film, waterproof coating, coating material and ointment, cement Sealing materials, such as sealing tapes, have high tensile strength, high elasticity and elongation, good adhesion, water resistance, and weather resistance. They can be used coldly and have a long service life.

Building waterproof material application

1, basement floor and side wall, its main role is to protect the life of the main building, floor application time is the ground treatment after the completion of the cutting board need to do waterproofing, the side wall is generally in the base from plus or minus zero three times Start to waterproof, then backfill the soil.

2, indoor: kitchen, bathroom, balcony. After the completion of the general construction of the main body to do waterproofing, residents need to do secondary waterproofing during the renovation.

3, roofing. Waterproofing a roof is the last item in a civil building.

Building waterproof material price

Modified asphalt waterproof roll. This waterproof material is mainly used for the waterproofing of roofs. Under normal circumstances, the waterproof work of the roof and the laying of the insulation layer are performed at the same time. The modified bitumen waterproof roll will be laid on the top of the insulation layer, and it will be able to play a good role in waterproofing. The one-time laying waterproof effect can be maintained for three to five years. Modified bitumen waterproof roll is divided into three categories: polyethylene film bituminous waterproofing membrane, aluminum foil green waterproofing membrane, and non-tempered bitumen waterproofing membrane. The market price of polyethylene film bituminous waterproofing membranes is about 30 to 40 pieces per square meter; the market price of aluminum foil blue waterproofing coiled materials is about 15 to 20 pieces per square meter; the market price of non-cemented bituminous waterproofed coiled materials is 15 pieces per square meter. about.

Waterproof plugging paint. Commonly used waterproof coatings are: First, k11 universal waterproof coating It is a rigid waterproof material, which is formed by the reaction of two materials to form a waterproof layer. This material is mainly used for waterproofing kitchen and toilet. This waterproof material varies from 20 to 50 pieces per kilogram depending on the material brand. The second is the polymer cement waterproof coating. This waterproof coating combines the waterproof properties of both polymer and cement materials and is often used for indoor waterproofing. The price of this waterproof coating is 15 to 20 pieces per kilogram. Third, acrylic waterproof coating, it is a water-soluble waterproof coating, mainly used in the waterproof seam. The price of this waterproof coating is between 25 and 60 pieces per kilogram. The fourth is polyurethane waterproof coating. This waterproof coating is characterized by its high thickness, good elasticity, and excellent anti-cracking performance. This kind of waterproof coating belongs to the all-round type material, and it is suitable for the indoor and outdoor waterproof. The price of this waterproof coating is about 15 to 45 pieces per kilogram.

Building seal material. This type of sealing material is mainly used for construction, doors and windows, cracks, glass around the seal. Common construction seal materials include one-component polysulfide sealant and two-component polysulfide sealant. Polysulfide sealant is characterized by high temperature resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, and good fluidity and plasticity, so it is often used to fill voids in building materials. The unit price of one-component polysulfide sealant is basically 35 pieces per kilogram; the unit price of two-component polysulfide sealant is 12 pieces per kilogram.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!


Construction waterproof material construction

The requirements for reinforced polyester cloth waterproof material are very in line with specifications. After passing through many testing procedures before leaving the factory, there is a test report issued by the corresponding qualification level inspection department. Polyester fabric waterproof layer empty drum, occurs between the leveling layer and the polyester part, and more in the polyester fabric seam, the reason is that the leveling layer is not dry, high sweat rate, air removal is not complete, polyester cloth is not Bonding is strong; leakage occurs at pipe roots, floor drains, deformation joints, etc., expansion joints are not broken, resulting in tearing of the waterproof layer, and other parts may leak due to weak adhesion. Inspection should be strengthened during construction. Carefully operate.

The practice of roof insulation should be based on local conditions during construction. Each of the three coats and one coat of waterproofing should be used between the leveling layer and the rigid layer to act as a barrier and not to be exposed to the sun and rain. Not only prevent aging, but also played a waterproof role. Waterproof engineering is a key project and hidden project in the construction of buildings, which is of great significance to ensure the quality of the project.

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