How to use the bait box

Distribution of bait station
1. Picking points: The bait box should be placed in the place where the rats rest, find food and often go back and forth, such as the wall along the wall of the unit, the street, the green belt, the garbage collection point, the sewer entrance, and the exit. In particular, the catering industry, canteens, food warehouses, farmer's markets, animal farms, residential areas, construction sites, parks, etc. must be set up.

2, placed: according to a certain distance, close to the wall, the flower base or the corner; the near end of the box should be close to the wall and parallel to the wall or the runway of the mouse. In places where rats are concentrated, such as farmer's market, catering industry, canteens, garbage transfer stations, and garbage dumps in urban villages, one should be placed every 15-20 meters; institutions and inhabited places can be every 20- Place one at 30 meters; the spacing between the green belt and the wall at the ordinary place can be adjusted appropriately.

3. Operation: The device is simple in structure, easy to operate, move the set point and deliver drugs. When using, just place the medicine in the bait tank of the base, cover the top cover, and place the device in the place where the mouse often appears. The mouse enters the device to feed the medicine in the bait tank through the hole, and the rodent can be reached. effect.

4. Management: The poison mouse box can be placed according to the needs, and the base is fixed as a long-term layout point; after being placed properly, it should be numbered, registered, and handed over by a special person for regular inspection and timely addition of rodent control drugs.

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