What is the strap? Read the five advantages of PET strapping

PET packing belt is commonly known as plastic steel belt. It is made of poly-p-ethylene dicarboxylate as the main raw material. At present, PET packing belt is a new environmentally friendly packaging material for replacing steel belt. Since 1999, PET strapping has been born and swept the world in just a few years.

PET packing belt overcomes the shortcomings of steel belt elasticity difference, easy rust, high price, etc. PET packing belt is gradually replacing steel packing belt in the world. At present, domestic industries such as paper, steel, chemical fiber, cotton spinning, glass, building materials, aluminum ingots, tobacco, electronics, printing, ceramics, wood, flooring, metal cans, power cables and electromechanical products, as well as heavy goods in transportation packaging. In terms of pallet binding, etc., the application of PET strapping is gradually being promoted and expanded, and it has a very good market development prospect.

Advantages of PET strapping:

First, high strength and good flexibility: Although the PET strap is a plastic belt, it combines the strength of the steel strip with the toughness of the PP belt. The PET strap overcomes the strength or brittleness of the traditional packaging material. Big disadvantages. Maintaining a 5% tightening force for a long time, it does not return loose, and there is a 5% buffer elongation when subjected to strong external force. Its tensile strength is twice that of PP packing tape.

Second, the safety is high: the PET strap has no sharp edges of the steel strip, it will not scratch the package and will not hurt the hand. No special tools are needed when cutting. Even if the strap is tight, it will not hurt when cut.

Third, the PET packaging belt has good adaptability: because it uses high-quality polymer as raw material, it has superior weather resistance, and has good dimensional stability between -50 degrees Celsius and 100 degrees Celsius, and the melting point is 260 degrees Celsius. It is not only resistant to high temperature and humidity, but also has no tensile strength loss due to rusting of the steel strip, and the strength of the bale is less attenuated.

Fourth, PET packaging belt environmental protection: PET materials are widely used in food and textile industry environmental protection materials, can be recycled and reused. The PET plastic strip with its raw material is not exposed to the same moisture as the steel strip and is rusted by the long-term exposure to the air. This eliminates the hidden danger of contaminating the packaged material after the steel strip is rusted.

Fifth, economy: The length of a 1 ton PET strap is equivalent to the length of a 6 ton strip.

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