Smart locks are coming out of the year, billions of markets or a foregone conclusion

From April 11 to 14, 2017, the first phase of the Global Sources Electronics Show, known as the world's largest electronics procurement exhibition, was held in Hong Kong. This is a trade-led and even called “Pearl River Delta Electronics”. Wind vane" exhibition. This year's Global Sources Electronics Show, VR, robots, drones, and other once-in-a-lifetime products have all suffered from the chill of cold. However, another industry that once stood on the cusp and experienced the same fall in the altar, but grabbed a lot of limelight at the show, that is, smart home.
Three weeks before the show, the organizer Global Sources surveyed 511 Chinese companies engaged in manufacturing and exporting. They found that Chinese manufacturing is experiencing “sandwich” attacks on Vietnam, India and the United States to reinvigorate manufacturing. However, international buyers still regard China as the most important procurement market. Through surveys of buyers, smart home is the most promising preferred area for future manufacturing in China (38%), higher than healthy wearable devices (30%). ) and medical medical equipment (28%), far higher than mobile phone / tablet (23%) and VR / AR (17%) products.
Previously, Global Sources also held a forum on the development opportunities of the smart home industry. Zhou Jun, secretary general of the China Smart Home Industry Alliance, revealed a data at the forum: In 2016, China’s smart lock shipments have reached 3 million, and the output value has reached Between 30 and 5 billion yuan. Zhou Jun cited an example. In the China Smart Home Industry Alliance, a smart lock company sold 170 smart locks in a county town on Saturday and Saturday. "All are locks of 1500-2000 yuan, you still Can you say that users have no spending power?"

Smart locks are coming out of the year, billions of markets or a foregone conclusion
Smart lock market blue ocean open
First, the door lock belongs to the just-needed market, and the smart lock market will still develop rapidly.
The door lock is the most important part of family security, and it is the just-needed product that every household needs. Smart lock refers to a mature technology that distinguishes it from a traditional mechanical lock and uses a non-mechanical key as a user identification ID. It is a composite lock that is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management, and an actuator that locks the door in the access control system. The emergence of intelligent door locks makes the "key" no longer bound by its form. People no longer feel the power to forget the key, the key is lost, the lock is locked, and it also lays the foundation for the landing of the smart home. At present, smart locks account for a very low proportion of the entire domestic lock market, less than 2%, and have great development potential.
In 2015, there were only a few hundred smart door lock brands. By 2016, there were more than one thousand smart door lock brands. According to the forward-looking industrial research institute, China Smart Home Equipment Industry Market Preview and Investment Report, 2016 The output value of China's lock industry has reached 80 billion, the output value of smart door locks has reached 8 billion, and the annual growth rate has exceeded 40%. Some experts predict that the output value of smart door locks in 2017 will exceed 10 billion.
Second, government policy traction and corporate operations, smart fingerprint lock market entered a rapid growth track
Since the Prime Minister put forward the concept of “Made in China 2025” and “Double Creation”, the government has been promoting innovation to drive economic growth, encouraging state-owned and private enterprises to enter the field of intelligent technology, and the government is actively leading smart life, smart cities and smart houses. The development of smart home, the “righteousness of the title”, has naturally been supported by a more relaxed development environment and policy.
At the same time, smart lock enterprise collaborative smart home industry has been committed to the audience's life philosophy and living habits, plus the Internet and the Internet of Things are developing in depth, Nanjing IOT, Ali Xiaozhi, Ou Ruibo, Jingdong Weilian and other hardware system integration platform And the smart fingerprint lock itself is constantly being iterated and perfected, and the user acceptance is getting higher and higher. Since Haier first entered the smart lock field with U+ smart home platform, Skyworth, Rongshida, TCL and other home appliance giants have also launched smart lock products. Later, as the security guards, Hikvision and Dahua shares also announced their entry into the field of smart locks, which will greatly boost the R&D strength of the entire smart lock industry and speed up the pace of the smart lock docking "Internet of Everything".
Third, consumer recognition is growing, young people are expected to become the main force of consumption
From the market situation, China's smart lock market is still concentrated in some high-end and commercial markets, accounting for more than 80% of smart lock sales. In recent years, "North drift" and "South drift" have been the two key terms for China's population movement. With the advancement of urbanization and the further widening of the economic development gap between the east and the west, the phenomenon of "North drift" and "South drift" remains. It is one of the problems that have long plagued China's economic development in the future. With the intensification of the phenomenon of “Northern drifting” and “Southern drifting”, long-term and short-rental apartments are increasingly favored by “Northern drifting” and “Southern drifting” in the north and the north. Therefore, the apartment smart lock will become the next blue ocean in the smart lock industry.
Although smart locks account for less than 20% of the retail market and e-commerce market, with the increase in consumer awareness of smart homes and smart locks, the smart lock market will usher in a spurt of development in the next few years. . According to the survey, more than 85% of consumers have heard of smart locks, and more than 70% of young consumers have expressed their willingness to try smart locks. In the field of smart lock retail, more than 80% of consumption is mainly from consumers after 80s and 90s. It can be seen that after 80s and 90s, it has become the main consumer of the smart lock industry. With the arrival of the new marriage wave after 80 and 90, the new development of the smart lock industry will be in the C market and the retail market. Therefore, the growth rate of the retail market and the e-commerce sector is expected to gradually approach the engineering market within ten years, and the future will become the main battlefield for smart homes and smart locks.
Smart lock development trend
In the era of the Internet of Things, smart locks are no longer satisfied with the basic functions of fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking. Instead, a smart door lock can make the family's lifestyle from simple to simple, and more powerfully protect family property and family. Security. Take the cloud lock released by Haier U-home as an example. In the cloud lock ecological strategy, Haier Yunsuo is used as an entrance to connect all the smart life scenes of home security, community security, entertainment and life. Comprehensive integration of community materials, Haier's high-quality resources, U+ five ecological resources, community public service resources, and social resources, opening up community residents' home security, smart home applications, online shopping, housekeeping services, takeaway orders, appliance repair, One-stop property security services, neighborhood socialization and other life-long scenes of the Internet of Things provide the necessary conditions for building a smart community.
The Internet era is an era of “experience is king”, and the rise of smart homes is also inseparable from the experience of smart life scenes. In the era of the Internet of Things, smart locks are an important place for the smart security industry and even the smart home industry. The real value lies in the vertical potential of the smart home, which will provide users with rich smart home experience scenes and interpretations. The essence of networking "connecting everything."
Capital injection, the entry of famous enterprises, smart locks are not so good
To establish brand awareness
The smart lock industry market research analysis report shows that enterprises want to achieve significant development in the smart lock industry, must strengthen the brand awareness of enterprises. Brand is the core content of products, brand awareness is beyond the reach of other marketing methods. In developed markets, brand identification has replaced product identification and has become the only factor in market selection. Due to the special nature of the smart fingerprint lock, if there is a problem with the door lock, it cannot be delayed as other products can be solved. The faster the better, the better the door-to-door problem is solved. This puts a test on the brand service capability of the smart lock. It is also an important weight to measure brand strength. Some smart locks are used to quickly open up the market situation, using the Internet crowdfunding platform or the "heavy online, light-line" development model to carry out the market-raising-style market harvesting, and the later services cannot follow up, which will inevitably have adverse consequences for brand development.
To customer demand
There are not as many smart door lock companies that industry experts expect to survive in the market in the next few years. In an increasingly competitive market, who knows how to meet the smart needs of customers, who can truly seize the market. Products that do not meet customer needs cannot be called good products. For the smart lock market, the same is true. If there is strength, there is brand accumulation, and enterprises that pay more attention to user needs can easily develop rapidly, and small enterprises that imitate lack of core technology will face the danger of being eliminated.
Technology, quality and price/performance issues are top priorities
At the same time as many smart lock manufacturers compete, the drawbacks of smart lock development are gradually emerging. The first is technical and quality issues. In particular, some low-cost smart locks are more problematic, and secondly because people are increasingly pursuing intelligence. The variety and convenience of the lock function not only makes the price of the smart lock high, but also the most important anti-theft function of the smart lock has become a watch. According to the survey, more than 80% of smart locks currently have the hidden danger of being opened by intelligence, and 90% of smart locks do not have the function of preventing violence from opening. As the most important part of home security, smart locks can't just be "convenient" and ignore the anti-theft performance.
In addition, human resource costs have also gradually increased in recent years. If 2017 smart lock can further control and reduce costs, maintain the original price or slightly increase the price, improve the product cost performance will gain a greater competitive advantage.
HC Security Network Summary

In 2017, the smart lock market has occupied the advantages of market volume, development environment and technological breakthroughs. It will be the first year of explosive growth in the smart lock market, and it is also a year of intense competition in the smart market. For the smart fingerprint lock brand, the three “reins” of marketing, products and services can not be relaxed, and the development speed of offline channels will also play a vital role in the competitiveness of the brand.

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