What are the styles of Xiamen decoration?

The decoration of the house is all about the style. Now we will ask the decoration company to decorate us. The decoration methods in each place are different, so the style of the house that is not decorated in the area will be different. So what are the styles of Xiamen decoration ? What are the places in Xiamen decoration that need our attention? The following is a small series of decoration home network to introduce to you.


First, what styles are there in Xiamen?

1. Chinese style decoration

The Chinese style of decoration shows a kind of solemnity, simplicity and elegance. It is deeply loved by those who are old. The Chinese decoration is mainly made of wooden structure. The decorative objects such as screens and grilles can often be seen in Chinese decoration.

2. Traditional style

The traditional interior decoration is mainly embodied in furniture, arc, furnishings, etc., and absorbs the characteristics of traditional decoration "shape" and "god". For example, China's Ming and Qing furniture styles are based on this style. Therefore, in recent years, the decoration of traditional style has been sought after by countless people.

3. Ancient Egyptian style

The ancient Egyptian style pursues simplicity and majesty, mainly based on stone. In the decoration, if you want to create a strong ancient Egyptian style, you can add some special features such as hieroglyphics and reliefs.

4. Rural style

At present, the rural style is mainly divided into Chinese pastoral and American pastoral, but no matter what kind of pastoral style, it is full of rural colors. Fields and nurseries are indispensable elements. In the pastoral decoration, it is necessary to use lattice doors, florals, etc. The decoration creates a effect, and more plants are placed indoors to make the interior full of natural atmosphere.


Second, Xiamen decoration matters needing attention

1. The decoration grades are different and the budget is different. Home renovation is a comprehensive project. It has many unknown factors and different grades. This requires a layout and planning time (about one week) for the decoration company, so as to determine a suitable plan and budget according to different decoration grades. If it is a simple decoration, special understanding of the basic materials such as wood flooring, latex paint, wall tiles, plywood, etc., the calculated price is basically the main body of the total cost; if it is a high-grade decoration, in addition to the basic project, Also leave some room for the designer to embellish from an aesthetic point of view.

2. The cabinet is a locker that always puts tableware and kitchenware. It is also more powerful to set up some natural storage functions. However, some people are afraid that the storage space of the kitchen will not be enough in the future, so they like to choose cabinets with more cabinets, but they do not consider the kitchen at all. The problem of space. In fact, the choice of cabinets is not to be more beneficial, but should be reasonable and effective. Too many cabinets not only took up some of the activity areas, but also made the kitchen look heavy and depressed.

In many places, the style of decorating a house will be different, because the customs of each local house are different, so what are the styles of Xiamen decoration and what are the precautions for its decoration? I want to see the introduction of the above small series. These are also known, then if you want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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