Security products and technology to serve smart hotels

Smart hotel means that the hotel has a complete intelligent system, realize the digital information service technology of the hotel through digitalization and network, and have the application of hotel lighting control system and the application of hotel air-conditioning control system.
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First, the basic functions of the smart hotel
Hotel intelligence is an area that is constantly enriched and developed. As a place to directly serve guests, the hotel should fully consider personal privacy, personalized needs, and feel the comfort and convenience brought by high technology. At the same time, the hotel's material consumption, energy consumption, and personnel costs should also be considered to minimize and create benefits.
1. Intelligent access control system
The intelligent access control security management system is a new modern security management system. It integrates the automatic identification technology of microcomputers and modern security management measures. It involves many new technologies such as electronics, mechanics, optics, computer technology, communication technology and biotechnology. It is an effective measure to solve the security management of important departments' entrances and exits.
2, intelligent power switch
By collecting the card information of the power-off switch, the card takes power, the card is powered off, and the unauthorized card is rejected.
3. Interactive video system
The interactive video system has also undergone a development process. Five years ago, it was basically a video on demand system, which played the role of video on demand. At that time, there were many people who wanted to promote in the hotel industry. This technology is good, but in a few years this technology is falling behind. From now on, video on demand is only a foundation, not all, of video interaction technology. Many hotels do not adapt to the hotel after the floor attendants are eliminated. Under this circumstance, if interactive video technology can be introduced, the efficiency can be improved, and the management cost can be reduced. More importantly, It can make the hotel form a better digital brand.
4, computer network system
Most of the hotels in the hotel are business travellers. This group accounts for 95% of the demand for computer rooms, while only about 10% of the guests who want to bring laptops. The room needs to have a computer network function to meet the needs of users surfing the Internet, sending and receiving mail, office software office, QQ/MSN chat, stock market, online booking and so on.
5, the display system
The display system is divided into two categories, one is to show customers the information and services of their hotels, such as the hotel's development history, branch network, corporate culture, hotel services, specialties, to facilitate guests to understand; the second is to show locals like guests The city's local specialties, local customs and other information, saving the time for guests to check.
6. Interactive system
The interactive system means that guests can interact with the front desk clerk in the room. For example, if the front desk clerk posts the information, the guest can immediately check it in the room, and the guest can also request the service in order to order, book, rent, check out, etc.
7, information viewing system
Guests can find information in the room, such as: weather, flight dynamics, train time, steaming time, bus time, urban bus, high-speed road conditions, urban road conditions, and so on.
Second, the service and application of security products and technology in smart hotels
(1) Face recognition check-in registration
The biggest difference between the smart hotel and the traditional hotel is that it does not have a front desk. When checking in, guests can self-service on the self-check-in machine. Users only need to use WeChat to scan the check-in on the self-service machine to process the QR code (or enter the order number for the previously scheduled users), read the ID card information, evoke face recognition, and verify the verification of the person's card to the hotel. The management system obtains the room number and the room unlocking password. After the verification is successful, the check-in is completed, and the whole process is less than one minute.
(2) Smart door locks open with mobile phones
After the check-in is completed, you don't need to take the room card but open the door with your mobile phone. At present, there are also hotels that can realize three-door opening methods such as “face recognition + GPS”, “fingerprint + GPS” and “brush ID card” based on the intelligent door lock system to build a stronger security line.
(3) Smart Room Control System
The front face and the mobile phone are just the “appetizers” of the unmanned hotel, and the real decision of the accommodation is the quality of the room service, including the room environment, supporting equipment, cleaning services. So, how can these be guaranteed under unmanned conditions?
In the existing schemes, there are mainly two ways:
One is based on automatic induction. After entering the room, the lights, TV and air conditioner are automatically turned on. When the system senses that the guest has entered the rest or sleep state, the lighting will be turned off automatically, the TV will be lowered, and the air conditioner will be adjusted to the optimum temperature.
One is controlled by the smart room system. The user can control the switch status, brightness and temperature of the lights, curtains, TV, air conditioner, etc. in the room through the system platform. In this unmanned smart hotel that landed in Hangzhou, users can also interact with the smart speakers in the room to control the lighting and lighting equipment in the room through voice. There are also several feature modes set in the room. For example, when the viewing mode is turned on, the curtain will automatically close, and the soft light will be turned on. The viewing light source can let you experience the feeling of home theater; the sleep mode, the room enters the state of no light, the curtain automatically closes; in the night mode, after getting out of bed, When the ground senses the pressure, it will automatically light up the ground light that is not visible to the human eye.
These application scenarios must be seen and experienced in the field of smart homes. Nowadays, with the rise of unmanned smart hotels, it has aroused the attention of more users. Under the fierce competition in the industry market, traditional hotels are upgrading to smart hotels. It is an inevitable trend, and under such a trend, the entry of the smart room control system will also become popular, and the intelligent management of the hotel itself is a good choice for improving the user's accommodation experience.
In the request to clean the room, the customer can still use the room control system to "order" operation, the system will send information to the hotel room to clean the room, after the room is received, go to the corresponding room to clean.
In the final check-out session, the customer also only needs to operate one-click check-out on the mobile phone, because it is built by the credit system, so no deposit is required, and one-click check-out is available.

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