Is the decoration of the bright line or the dark line good?

Is it better to go with a bright line or a dark line ? For this problem, different lives have different views. The good subjective line is due to good maintenance in the later period; the good subjective dark line is because the line is not visible and the aesthetics are stronger. But whichever is better, there is no result. Today, I would like to introduce to you whether it is better to use the dark line for decoration and which one is more affordable.

It's better to go through the decoration or the dark line

1. Is the decoration going straight? If it is going straight, the cost of each decoration will be less, and it has a good heat dissipation function. If there is a problem in the later period, it will be better maintained and will not cause too much rectification costs. . As long as the open lines are neatly arranged, it is also very beautiful.

In addition, the installation of the open wire is also a method that saves time, effort and money. In the later wiring, the indoor decoration can be cleverly used to move the open wire along the corner of the wall and the door frame, so as not to mess up the indoor wiring. Certain aesthetic effect. Moreover, there is no need to dig trenches, bury pipes, etc., which can save a lot of expenses.

2. Is the decoration going through the dark line? Everyone should understand that if the dark line is going to be decorated, not only will it consume more budget, but also it will be very troublesome when there are problems in the later period. However, after installing dark lines, you can hide the messy lines, play a very good decorative effect, and improve the indoor sense of space. Nowadays, when most people renovate their new houses, they choose to take the dark line in order to make the interior more beautiful.

Which of the following is the best way to decorate the bright and dark lines?

1. Because of the strong aesthetic effect brought by walking the dark line, it has become the first choice for most people. In addition, the dark line has a particularly large purpose, that is to ensure the safety of family members, especially if there are children at home, you can Avoid the risk of electric shock. And the maintenance of the open line is not as troublesome as the dark line, the line has problems, and the repair is very fast.

2. As far as the current wire brands are concerned, the service life is usually around 50 years, so the dark wire will be better than the bright wire, but the price will be more expensive.

3. If it is a clear line, then a family needs to use about 150m of wire, and the price is about 4 to 6,000 yuan. The specific price depends on the brand and quality of the wire. If you take the dark line, in addition to the money you need to buy wires, it also includes the 200 yuan needed for slotting and the tens of yuan needed to level the ground. The price of going the dark line is much higher than the price of going the bright line.

Editor's remarks: After reading the decoration, it is better to use the dark line , and which of the benefits of the decoration and the dark line should be understood now. Although it is said that walking the dark line is much more expensive than walking the dark line, most people still choose to walk the dark line because it is safe and beautiful.

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