Appreciation of classic mahogany furniture

The latest report from Huai'an Furniture Network: Nowadays, mahogany furniture is one of the most typical furniture brands to be appreciated, such as Taishi chair, etc.

Taishi chair

"Tai Shi" is an official name, a symbol of dignity and elegance. Among the contemporary chair mahogany furniture , what can be respected as "Tai Shi chair" must be the leader in chair furniture. It also symbolizes the person sitting in Tai Shi chair The status is noble and respected, which is the common wish of ancient Chinese literati and common people. The Taishi chair is the only chair named after an official position in ancient furniture. It was first used in the Song Dynasty and the original form was a kind of similar chair Chairs. Taishi chairs can best reflect the styling characteristics of Qing Dynasty furniture. It has a large posture, and the backrest and armrests are connected together to form a three-, five-, or multi-fence screen.

The Luban spell records: Fu Yi, natural landscape, town house floor, resist all disasters, the house is auspicious, and the family is prosperous and healthy.


Grate of mahogany shaped furniture

Mahogany special-shaped furniture products are a type of furniture that breaks through the traditional design and shape. Without affecting the function of the furniture, the designer uses a variety of creative or special materials to design the furniture with more personality. Its representative shaped furniture mainly includes Bogu shelf, moon door, luxury pass, screen, lattice and background wall, etc. These shaped furniture not only pay attention to materials, but also are made from precious and excellent logs, but also have exquisite craftsmanship and unique shapes. Different styles, to a large extent, give people a new feeling and life experience.



Bogujia is also known as multi-baoge or Baibaoge. "Bogu" means "to know ancient things and antiques." In the elegant and solemn, exquisite and wonderful Qing Dynasty furniture series, the bogu shelf belongs to a kind of antiques in the study room and living room. A class of furniture, very practical and quite decorative. In the modern Chinese home decoration, Bogujia also occupies the hearts of many Chinese decoration style lovers. To decorate a Chinese home with cultural taste, Bogujia is absolutely indispensable.

Among the wood selected for Chinese-style Bogujia, rosewood is the best. Its color is bright and clean, and the wood is red and hard. Boxwood and black rosewood are also useful. For example, the famous black rosewood ancient shelf of Dingtan, with exquisite workmanship, is very suitable for the decoration of Chinese living room. These are not the only materials used to make the Bogu shelf. Some of them are made of ordinary wood, and they can also achieve antique artistic effects after ingenuity.


Redwood Palace Lantern

The mahogany palace lamp originated in the Ming Dynasty. It is a collection of paintings, wood carvings and glass craftsmanship. It is carved with precious materials and is easy to disassemble. It is a treasure of the tribute palace. It is called "Chinese lamp" by foreigners after export.

Although the mahogany palace lamp originated from mahogany, it may not necessarily be made of mahogany. In addition to rosewood mahogany, longan tree, litchi tree and Eucalyptus lobata are good materials for making palace lanterns. The palace lantern has three values, one is the decorative effect, the other is the practical value of lighting, and the third is the collection value as a traditional craft. A palace lantern has 12 or 18 paintings. Because it is a horse, you can read one after another. Each hand-painted painting is different. The frame is three-dimensional. Multi-picture painting group. The meaning of the mahogany palace lamp is not only the calligraphy and breath of ancient Chinese literati, but also the graceful elegance of the ladies, but it is also not replaced by the dazzling crystal lamps in modern homes.


Elegant mahogany

In Chinese history, the tradition of mahogany furniture has been developed for thousands of years. The elegant temperament of the mahogany furniture itself and the lifestyles and attitudes it follows have gradually made the aesthetic value of Chinese classical life mainstream. Redwood culture, accompanied by Chinese people's belief in home, has continued from ancient times to the present and flourished in the lives of generations.

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