Chinese furniture people really need to pay their respects at the Milan Furniture Fair every year

Milan Furniture Fair is busy.


I do not know when to start, the Chinese furniture people proud to go to the Milan furniture exhibition; more proud to own a booth at the Milan exhibition. According to industry insiders, many members of the delegation of the furniture tour to Milan show were basically aimed at tourism. With the purpose of learning and learning the truth, it was far from imagined.


So, Chinese furniture people really need to pay a visit to the Milan Furniture Fair every year?


The level of domestic furniture designers is far higher than the public's impression


To answer the question of whether it is necessary to visit the exhibition in Milan, we must first discuss the level of domestic furniture designers. And whether it is sufficiently internationalized.

First of all, domestic furniture designers have reached a very high level. Some domestic people, even those in the industry, not only often give domestic furniture designers a “bad review”, but some even go to the point where they want to belittle it. This is also a hurricane.

In fact, Chinese furniture designers have reached a very high standard in terms of the transformation of Chinese furniture in Europe and America, or the creative design of Chinese furniture. Chinese furniture designers have often been able to design eye-catching new products in recent years. Even at Chinese furniture exhibitions, I feel that China's outstanding furniture creative products have reached an excess level. This is a sign that Chinese furniture design is getting better.

In the field of design, only adequate, or even flooding, innovations can make a big ebb in the sand, leaving true artistic exquisite works, as well as dual-quality products that have both artistic value and are recognized by the market.

The reason why people do not recognize the work of domestic furniture designers is related to the current situation of China's ineffective intellectual property protection. Due to the ineffective protection of intellectual property rights, truly outstanding works are often “shanzhai”, making excellent works that are supposed to shine brilliantly and are overwhelmed by a large number of imitations. The excellent furniture designers, therefore, did not get the honor, social reputation and material rewards they deserve.

Of course, the design belongs to the cultural and creative industries. The sense of mystery from afar also adds a lot to foreign designers.

Second, what is the level of internationalization of domestic furniture designers? Since China's reform and opening up, people have been watching the world for a long time, especially in the field of innovative design. It has long been a fact that domestic furniture designers are in line with international standards. Many designers have gone abroad to live, study, and work abroad. Their thinking methods, cultural heritage, and awareness of innovation have long reached the international advanced level.


The market determinism of furniture design



The furniture design belongs to the industrial design. Is the quality of the furniture design a group of experts who have the final say or the market has the final say?

The answer is that the market has the final say.

If the market is used to calculate this standard, Chinese furniture designers will have more say.

Really complete Western furniture design products may not have a good sales volume in the Chinese market. Most furniture that sells well in the Chinese market is from the hands of Chinese furniture designers.

In the Chinese furniture market, there are many furniture bosses who come from designers. They are constantly launching very Chinese-style furniture and constantly achieving sales breakthroughs.

China's furniture professional design agencies are constantly working hard for the market, making China's furniture market attractive, market-driven furniture continues to emerge.

The expansion of the Chinese furniture market is closely related to these local furniture designers. Most of the major and best-selling furniture in the Chinese furniture market are designed by Chinese furniture designers or jointly with overseas design teams.

In terms of market determinism alone, Chinese furniture designers understand Chinese culture better, understand Chinese furniture consumers better, and understand the Chinese furniture market.


Chinese furniture people should have market confidence and cultural confidence


Design belongs to the field of soft assessment, and it is difficult to measure with objective criteria. The design also belongs to the increasingly important field of market competition. If it loses its design, it may lose all.

For such a special field, how to look at it and how to evaluate it correctly is particularly important.

Chinese furniture people should establish sufficient cultural self-confidence, confidence in the market, and more trust in the level of local designers. For those who design excellent works beyond ten thousand miles, they should have the purpose of learning and drawing lessons. There is no need to be overly superstitious. It is necessary to treat people as if they are worshippers. It is not necessary to copy them completely.

China's furniture market is broad enough, and China is entering a new stage of consumer-oriented market economy. China's furniture market is enough to make Italians eye-catching. They have already launched Milan into our Shanghai; they even organize tours to develop the Chinese market. We It is entirely possible to understand Italian furniture at close range, understand the essence of their furniture, learn from them, and learn from them. Once you go to Milan every year, you may not be able to give you more points in the development of the Chinese furniture market.

Look more inwards, do a good job domestically, research furniture consumers through China, and excavate more elements of Chinese interest from traditional Chinese culture to enrich your furniture design to meet the deep awakening Chinese people Pride may be more important than imitating the West.


The trade war between China and the United States is gradually escalating, and the trade frictions between China and Europe are basically uninterrupted. According to Paul Kennedy’s point of view in The Rise and Fall of Great Powers, the competition of big countries is actually a cultural competition. If China wants to win the competition among big countries, it must first have cultural confidence.

In the furniture industry, the argument for furniture design in China can be rested. The power of Chinese furniture design is fully capable of going international, not even the domestic market.

With a little more confidence and a little more trust in Chinese furniture designers, the Chinese furniture industry can go even better!

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