120 square meters decoration budget is probably how much

What is the 120 square meter renovation budget? After the purchase of the house, most families will be renovated, after all, the renovated house will be more comfortable in terms of living environment. Recently, my friend bought a 120-flat house ready for renovation. I know that the author works on this site. So, what is the 120-square-metre renovation budget? Today I will introduce it.

First of all, we first introduce the basic projects. In general, the basic work for renovations is to hit walls, hit tiles, and level and wall cement mortar. This is a must-do and some good work to do, so it is on a budget. The aspect is also very much, under normal circumstances 120 square meters of the cost of the house should occupy one-third of the total cost.

Once again, the hydropower project, for example, the reform of the inlet pipe: 32/m material: PP-R pipe, joint, and elbow machine welding and the circuit transformation is 35/m. Package: Line pipe, bottom box, wire (without switch socket) ); there is a telephone, television, broadband line: 25/m package material: line tube bottom box line (not including socket); again waterproof, moisture: 30 / m2 package material: waterproof agent (brush 2 times). The cost in this area should occupy a quarter.

Then ceiling ceiling, for example, gypsum board ceiling is 85/m2, contracting materials for wood keel, gypsum board, accessories; for example, the shape of the top is 100/m2, the contracting material is wood keel, 9 PCT board, 5 PCT board; The top is 100/m2, the contracting material is wooden keel, gypsum board, 9 PCT board; there is also aluminum buckle board is 120/m2, and the material is light steel keel, aluminum buckle board, edge trimming, etc. The specific choice depends on the purchase of materials.

120 square meters decoration budget is how much? The author explained briefly on this issue, but the author believes that the specific amount of decoration costs or to judge according to the actual situation, it is worth saying is that when the decoration must be based on the budget You cannot do anything beyond your budget.

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