Mattress maintenance note: half a year "turn over"

Many people are willing to choose Simmons mattress when they buy a mattress. They feel comfortable sleeping, but after a few years, some people will feel more sleepy and tired. They often wake up and have a backache and are uncomfortable. When I checked the mattress, I found that I had already slept out of the "pit", so in order to ensure that I had a good sleep and did not affect the health of the bones, I generally chose to "retire."

In fact, if used properly, it can extend the life of the mattress. According to the characteristics of the spring mattress, in the first year of use, the new mattress can be changed every two to three months to change the front and back or the direction of the spring, so that the spring of the mattress can be averaged, and then flipped about once every six months. .

In addition, in order to prevent dust and dander from contaminating the skin, most families will lay the mattress on the mattress, but they will ignore the mattress itself. After a long time, bacteria, dust mites, etc. will enter the bottom of the mattress. The best way to do this is to clean the remaining dander, hair, etc. on the mattress with a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp cloth when changing the bed cover and sheets. If the mattress is stained, use soap to spread the dirt, and then wipe it with a cloth, but be sure to find a way to make the mattress dry quickly, so that it will not mold and produce odor.

When choosing a mattress, you can also buy a cover with a zipper that is easy to remove and clean. If possible, a layer of cleaning pad can be added between the mattress and the sheets to prevent moisture from entering the mattress, keeping it clean and dry, and easy to clean.

Mattress maintenance note: half a year "turn over"

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