****** Alipay transactions on the first day of 30 US dollars were missing

As one of the most ordinary users, I encountered Paypal without any notice and returned me back to the original account without any notice. I lost my money without proof. 30 US dollars, do not spit it unpleasant.

Event playback:
In the early morning of April 28th, 2010, I was in urgent need of using Paypal foreign currency to pay, but I was unable to use my foreign currency to pay for my credit card in my hand. I could only find a seller who could recharge my PayPal on behalf of Taobao. I paid directly to Taobao sellers. RMB 204, the seller transferred $30 to my Paypal account.

The transaction process went smoothly. After I paid RMB, the seller quickly charged my Paypal account with $30. After confirming that it had arrived, I confirmed the Taobao payment. However, when I used the $30 payment on my Paypal account, I found it impossible to pay, and my original Paypal account has been restricted.

This is nothing, when I logged in to Paypal during the daytime on April 28th, I discovered that the $30 on my account was also missing. I entered the mailbox and looked at it and found that my account was redirected to 30. The dollar transaction was cancelled and there was no reason at all.

Then I negotiated with Paypal by telephone. The interpretation given by the customer service staff turned out to be: In fact, this transaction was cancelled and it has nothing to do with your account, but because the other person's account has a problem. Account payment status), so the money that you have confirmed to collect is returned to the other party's account.

PayPal customer service personnel also admitted that it was indeed the payment has been received, and I have confirmed the receipt and found that the other party's account had problems and revoked the transaction. In other words, Paypal returned my $30 to the other party's account without any notice.

I asked: So can the funds in my account not be protected? How can you easily take away the funds in my account?

How do you guess the customer service answer? It's funny! Customer Service said: We only protect the seller's account on eBay (I am the seller in the Paypal transaction, because the other party is to pay me), if you are the seller of eBay, this happens Paypal will pay, but Your transaction is not completed on eBay, so your account does not comply with our protection policy, so this thing is embarrassing (that is, there is no way)...

What do we see?

Well, that is to say, my $30 disappeared in such an unclear manner. Although $30 is not a huge sum of money, this is an incomprehensible way for Paypal to sum up:

1. PayPal as a global third-party payment platform, but in fact is only a payment platform responsible for eBay sellers (whether or not it is really responsible), non-eBay commodity trading economic losses, Paypal is not responsible;

2. PayPal actually returned the funds directly from the user's account, and this process did not verify and audit the account at all, which led to the disappearance of my funds. Is this a global third-party payment platform? My account has no problems, but it has caused economic losses. Paypal is interesting.

3. It was Paypal who operated my funds (returned). I can only find Paypal, but I get a reply that "This thing is very embarrassing". According to the principle of who I am going to use my money, Paypal can be said to have transferred my funds without authorization, but is not responsible for it.... It is regrettable.

Paypal, how can you treat your users like this?