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One third of people's time is spent in bed, a good quality sleep can keep the body mechanism in a most active state, regardless of life or work can be greeted in the healthiest posture, sleep is like the engine of the night "Continue to deliver energy to our body!

Mattresses are one of the elements that provide high-quality sleep. There are too many types on the market, which are dazzling, causing everyone to not know how to choose or how to choose the mattress that suits them best. The most tangled thing is how to buy the most suitable mattress under your own budget.

First, introduce the types of mattresses on the market: four types of full-brown mattresses, foam mattresses, spring mattresses, latex mattresses (except for air mattresses, water mattresses, etc. are not practical), and spring mattresses It is the mattress with the most types, the largest price difference, and the largest number of people.

The raw material is natural coconut silk and mountain palm silk woven by hand. Modern latex, chemical adhesive and high temperature pressure synthetic palm mat are used. The palm cushion has a harder sleeping feel. Due to the use of natural materials, it has the characteristics of refreshing breathability, environmental protection, health, toughness and durability. The disadvantage is that part of the mountain palm mattresses made of chemical adhesives have formaldehyde exceeding the standard, which is prone to mold and insects when wet.

Suitable for the crowd: children, adolescents in development, the elderly accustomed to hard beds. Prices range from hundreds to thousands, with low prices.

At present, most sponge mattresses on the market use slow-return sponges, which have a good rebound effect. Its characteristic is that it will not generate rebound force quickly, but will slowly return to its original shape when the external force disappears. Therefore, when people lie down, they will change their sleeping position according to your body shape, fit the human body, and achieve a more comfortable effect. The mute effect is also good, and turning will not disturb your partner.

The disadvantage is that sponge mattresses are generally soft and have poor resilience. Long-term sleep will cause spine flexion and deformation, and poor support will cause lumbago pain for a long time, breathability is not good, and people with heavy weight are not suitable, and Not suitable for long sleep.

Mattress thick upholstered dormitory bed mattress single student renting room special tatami sponge cushion floor mat sleeping mat 19 yuan (use coupon) to purchase a discount of 10 yuan coupon

Memory foam mattress 1.5 bed mattress thickened student dormitory single tatami mat slow rebound sponge cushion 189 yuan to buy

Sponge mats are relatively inexpensive and suitable for rental housing.

Latex mattress is a mattress made of rubber resin and made through a series of processes. There are Dunlop and Traray processes.

Dunlop process: The traditional Dunlop process used in the production of latex sponges began in 1929. In the Dunlop process, air and liquid latex are fully stirred to form a foam, and a small amount of fluorine chemicals form a gel with the foam in the mold. Then the mold is steam vulcanized and solidified into a sponge. The finished product is peeled from the mold, washed and dried. Dunlop filled the mold by injection, the air was not extracted, and there was no freezing stage. Therefore, the cellular structure of the latex was not sufficiently ventilated.

Dunlop process flow: mixing ratio → injection molding → cooking vulcanization → washing and cooling → extrusion dehydration → washing → drying.

Trale process: In the Trale process, a small amount of latex mixture is injected into the mold, the air in the mold is evacuated by the vacuum method to fill the mold with the latex, and then frozen and molded at minus 30 degrees, filled with carbon dioxide gas It is gelled and then vulcanized by a high temperature of 110 degrees. The finished product is also demoulded, washed and dried. The Talare process has a wider hardness range, so it can provide consumers with more comfortable choices.

Trale process flow: mixing and stirring → injection molding → vacuuming → freezing, shaping the latex in the mold → cooking and vulcanization → washing and cooling → extrusion dehydration → washing → drying

Process comparison:

Dunlop Dunlop is foamed first and then injection molded. It is characterized by low cost, low development difficulty, simple process and high output. The resulting product is a closed cell structure;

The Trale Talalay is foamed after injection molding, which is characterized by high cost, difficult development, complicated process, and low output. Due to the complex process, high cost of patents and equipment, and high prices, the technology currently only exists in a few European and American production companies.

LED Underwater Boat Light

LED Underwater Boat Light has the characteristics of energy saving, high light efficiency, rich colors and long life.Underwater Boat Lights can emit a variety of colors, gorgeous and colorful, and can better illuminate under water. LEDER technology`s Underwater Boat Light has good waterproof effect. Moreover,the materials of LED Underwater Boat Lights are generally stainless steel outer panel and aluminum lamp body, which has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance and strong impact resistance.


• Contracted design

• Super waterproof performance

• Reasonable price

• Energy saving save electricity

• Easy to assemble

• Color temperature :3000k-6000K

• Strong impact resistance

• Type of protection: IP20 /IP65 (Some models)

• Warranty:3 - 5 years

LED Underwater Boat Light is a lamp installed under the water, with a small and delicate appearance and beautiful appearance.

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