The bathroom needs several floor drains

Floor drain, it is a small drainage device, has played a pivotal role, usually placed in a place with water, such as bathroom, cooking area, balcony and so on. Many families now have issues such as backwaters, backwaters, blockages, etc., which have seriously affected the lives of their families. The important reason is that the selection of floor drains is not in place. Let's take a look at the bathroom needs several Floor drains and floor drains are good.

The bathroom needs several floor drains

A bathroom to install a few? This problem needs to be determined according to the actual situation, usually three, distributed where? First of all depends on your home bathroom is not dry and wet separation, and if so, then the shower room needs one, and We need one for dry and wet separation. In addition, if your home's washing machine is placed in the bathroom, then you need a dedicated washing machine floor drain.

What is good bathroom floor drain

1, deep water sealing leak

It can be seen literally that it is deep-water, with a diameter of about 38 mm, and the ordinary downpipe diameter of 50 mm has a good seal and deodorant; however, due to the drain core outlet hole from the sewer If the wall is too close, it will cause water resistance, so its disadvantage is poor drainage and slow water discharge. Many manufacturers in order to overcome the above drawbacks, will increase the seal, the test proved that the rapid flow of water, even the sand can be quickly washed away, but for a long time so far, hair and some impurities easily attached to the bottom of the trap, can not be cleaned, easy to cause The drainage of the channel is not smooth, and it cannot be installed where the pipeline is laid shallowly. Therefore, when purchasing such floor drains, one should first look at whether the height of the drainage pipe can be installed with a long floor drain.

2, self-styled floor drain

It is a type of floor drain that starts to operate consciously by the gravity of stagnant water. When it is not water, it is a closed state. The overall design is more humane, but it also has disadvantages, such as being vulnerable to hair clogging and having a short life span. And the seal cover is vulnerable to inconvenience caused by the closure, resulting in leakage and no deodorant.

3, buckle water seal floor drain

Behind this product is a raised piece of water, with this unique structure and the formation of water seals, in order to achieve a deodorant effect, but the water seal is relatively shallow, only 0.5 mm, so the pressure will be upstairs when the flush The smell of the pipe comes back, and it is also blocked by the hair and it cannot be drained.

Summary: The above is Xiaobian brought to us today, the bathroom needs a few leaks of relevant knowledge, I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding, the bathroom needs a few floor drain and bathroom floor drain options we can refer to, I hope this The article is helpful to you.

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