Super bubble oil EL-1 replaces Japanese imports

Business Club December 21st News China's high-end reeling to Japan, Europe and the United States each year amounts to thousands of tons. The reeling silk export processing, the foaming agent used, has very high performance requirements, and the domestic foaming agent performance is difficult to meet.

Therefore, in the past decade, the high-end foaming agent market has been almost entirely occupied by oil imports from Japan and Italy. Mainly Japan's "peaceful oil" foaming agent: "Safety Oil" excellent performance, is the best products in bubble oil. However, the price is very expensive, about 76,000 yuan per ton, which is more than 7 times that of domestic high-end varieties, which causes great cost pressures on the enterprises that make dowels.

This year, Hangzhou Yinglei Technology Co., Ltd., relying on independent innovation, has successfully developed to replace Japan's "peace oil" - "Super bubble oil EL-1". EL-1: All indicators of cohesion, strength, and smoothness have reached the level of Nippon Oil; softness, infiltration, and evenness of coloration, these important indicators even surpass the "peaceful oil."

The product has been put on the market. The formal use of the EL-1 reeling company reflects that the processing process can significantly reduce the breakage rate and improve the quality of the reeling thread. In the latter dyeing performance, it has been recognized by Japanese customers. EL-1's price is only 38,000 yuan per ton, and its soaking cost is only 1/2 of that of "peace oil," and it is welcomed by customers.