Magnetic pump seal processing technology

Magnetic pump production and processing technology are as follows: a. Magnetic pump body part (body and seal the welding structure) preheat. b. sealing surface surfacing cemented carbide. c. Insulation 12h. d. heat treatment to eliminate thermal stress. e. rough car sealing surface. f. semi-fine car sealing surface. g. fine car sealing surface. h. Magnetic pump sealing surface grinding (grinding tooling production). j. Grinding sealing surface (making grinding tooling). Magnetic pump during the special treatment and instructions a. Magnetic pump in the process of b, pre-welding alloy to be pre-heat treatment to reduce the generation of stress, after welding to be annealed to remove stress. At the same time, in order to prevent the generation of hot cracks in the surfacing alloy, the magnetic pump adopts the method of fixing the substrate and the symmetrical welding to balance the thermal stress. b. magnetic pump in the process of d, in order to prevent the surfacing alloy, the ring shrinkage deformation, the elimination of thermal stress with the workpiece into the furnace with the tire heat treatment, so that the upper part of the release of stress to maintain the original Some shapes, radial deformation of less than 3mm, with slight correction to meet the processing requirements. c. magnetic pump in process f semi-fine car process, in addition to the magnetic pump sealing surface to the rest of the size of the dimensions must be turned to the finished size, sealing alloy surface grinding 0.6mm. Make a test model at any time to test the alloy surface, in order to ensure the curvature of the sealing surface. In addition, a small amount of shrinkage porosity due to the build-up welding alloy appearing in this process may be repaired by welding method. d. In the process g fine car sealing surface, the first bolt and the valve plate sealing ring body, and the valve body sealing ring and the body welded together, and then do the penetration test, the test after the assembly no leakage Then fine car sealing surface process. After welding, the purpose of the sealing surface is to ensure the form of the finished product tolerances to eliminate the deformation caused by the magnetic pump welding. Magnetic pump seal processing technology from the large rigid seal magnetic pump valve seal and valve plate structural features of the ring, the sealing surface of the hard alloy surfacing, high hardness, the amount of feed is very processing Difficult to grasp, the actual production is difficult to shape a processing; sealing surface with a certain curvature, the magnetic pump during processing need to make a special template to test the sealing surface at any time in the arc; sealing surface roughness requirements High, there must be a corresponding processing tooling to ensure. To this end, we combine the actual production, take the following two measures to ensure the processing requirements: â‘  improved magnetic pump processing technology, a special processing; â‘¡ make special tooling to ensure the sealing surface processing.

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