Is there any new trick to prevent onion malformation?

1. Seed treatment Select the suitable local sowing varieties, use new high-fat membrane before sowing, repel the underground pests and diseases, isolate the virus infection, do not affect the germination and swelling function, strengthen the breathing intensity and increase the seed germination rate.

2. Fertilizer and water management should be rationally topdressed, avoid excessive nitrogen fertilizer, keep the soil moist, watering, diligently cultivating, fertilizing and watering in the young period and bulb expansion period, must spray new high-fat membrane + fruit-fruit sturdy Infected by anti-pathogenic bacteria, the nutrient transport conduit of the underground fruit is thickened, the nutrient transport volume is increased, the nutrient balance is self-regulated, and the bulb expanding vitality is improved.

3. Pest control The root pests and diseases can be used to effectively eliminate pests and diseases by applying roots + targeted drugs. Foliar pests and diseases should be sprayed with targeted drugs in time, and mixed with new high-fat film to enhance the efficacy.

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