Good sleep requires a pillow that suits you.

Everyone is pursuing a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment, so the purchase of mattresses can be said to be cautious. But do you know that pillows are a key factor in getting good sleep quality in addition to mattresses. A good mattress with a good pillow can form a good bed system, so you can get a good sleeping environment. Below, Xiaobian will come to popularize some of the knowledge about pillows that you must know.

The human spine normally has 4 bends. The normal curvature of the spine is about 10-20 cm. The body can adjust itself when standing upright, but it can only be maintained by leaning against the pillow during sleep. The height, hardness and hardness of the pillow will have an impact on people's sleep. In response to the human body's need for pillows, FALOMO first made a new reform of the pillow, applying latex to the pillow.


Fantastic blue, showing FALOMO's distinctive personality, environmentally friendly, healthy latex material, the soft and hard of the pillow is controlled in a comfortable range, slightly curved, avoiding the pillow and the head stick too It affects the blood circulation. In particular, the pillow itself has a scent of latex that can help people promote sleep and improve sleep quality.

Xiaobian here to remind everyone, you can no longer look at the various discomforts after waking up, this is the natural warning of the body. The pillow is too low, and the blood flowing into the head is too much, which affects the blood circulation of the head. When you wake up, you will feel dizziness and edema of the eyelids. Long-term pillows are too high, so that some parts of the cervical vertebrae are over-stressed, prone to bone hyperplasia, oppression of the cervical nerves, headache, dizziness, neck and shoulders and fingers numb, and even can not raise the tube. Sleep can provide the energy we need for a day, we should pay attention to it, choose a mattress and pillow that suits you, and create a comfortable sleeping environment is what we urgently need to do.

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Detergent Raw Materials


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Detergent Raw Materials

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