Family photovoltaic promotion methods and popularization of key knowledge

On January 6, the official website of the National Energy Administration issued a notice to accelerate the development of energy in poverty-stricken areas and promote poverty alleviation, in order to implement the spirit of the central government's poverty alleviation and development work conference, give full play to the basic role of energy development and construction in the fight against poverty, and promote poverty. Regional economic development and improvement of people's livelihood have also moved towards a well-off society.

The main objective of the implementation plan is to propose that by 2020 the level of universal energy services in rural areas will be significantly improved. The level of universal service of electricity in impoverished areas will basically reach the current average level of the province (region, city); basically complete coverage of rural electric power will be completed; 2 million yuan will be completed. Set up a poverty-stricken household photovoltaic poverty alleviation project.

First, what is family photovoltaic?

Home photovoltaic refers mainly to the installation and use of distributed solar power systems in the home's own roof. Domestic photovoltaics have small installation capacity, many installation points, simple grid-connected processes, and obvious direct benefits. It is also the highest state subsidy. Distributed photovoltaic power generation application form.

Second, how large is the family photovoltaic market

At present, the family photovoltaic market is divided into rural family photovoltaic and urban family photovoltaic.

Rural home photovoltaics are mainly concentrated in rural self-built housing, and new rural areas have unified housing construction. It is generally a low-rise building. Urban home photovoltaics are mainly concentrated in high-end villas and self-built houses in urban villages around the city.

Rural home photovoltaics account for most of China's markets. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, there are 400 million households in the country, including self-owned rooftop buildings, and the conservative market is estimated at 30 million. The urban villas and urban villages have built more than 20 million home-built housing.

According to the average household size of 3-5kW and investment of 30,000-50,000 yuan, the market capacity of the entire family of photovoltaics is above 1.5 trillion to 2.5 trillion yuan!

At present, this market development is only less than 0.2%!

Third, what are the family photovoltaic business model?

The business model of home photovoltaics is currently relatively single, mainly by the families themselves, or by the state-led solar power generation poverty reduction model.

Photovoltaic power generation thinks of a small power plant. The power generated can not only be used by itself, but also sold to the power grid and sold to power consumers near the distribution network. The country also has a very good incentive policy for solar energy. Therefore, unlike other household appliances or equipment, solar power generation has extremely strong financial attributes. Therefore, in addition to self-investment in solar power, banks and third-party financing agencies will have more and more participation.

Fourth, family photovoltaic promotion has what way

The promotion of home photovoltaics is an open topic, and different regions have different promotion methods.

1, the state encourages, green energy

Solar power system life cycle, more than 30 years. Every 1 kW solar energy system can generate more than 25,000 kWh on average during its life cycle. The production of a 1-kilowatt solar system requires only about 1500 degrees of power consumption. Its energy recovery ratio exceeds 16.7 times.

At the same time, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 24.925 tons during its life cycle.

2, with a high return on investment

The return on investment of solar power systems is generally no less than 10% and up to 20%. Under the premise of China’s high-speed economic development, it is also a very good way for households with conditions to install the sun. The average financial product is only 7%. Although the Internet p2p wealth management product has more than 15% of the revenue, it has a large Trading risk. Bank interest is less than 3%. Therefore, buying real estate is a financial direction. However, the house cannot be purchased without restrictions. Therefore, under the condition of financial permission, why not choose a high-yield solar energy system that can both generate electricity and protect the environment and have a national guarantee?

3, the latest proposed solar pension

In China's rural areas, because rural residents do not have to pay social insurance in their normal lives, pensions have become a common problem when they are too old to work in related jobs. At this time, residents can choose to purchase endowment insurance. However, under the current economic conditions and the dual pressure of population aging, everyone has a great skepticism about endowment insurance.

However, solar power generation, a subsidy contract for up to 20 years by the state. There is a return on investment of more than 10%. After the cost is recovered in 5-6 years, it is a net profit process. Moreover, the amount of subsidies is supported by national renewable energy surcharges and the source of funds is clear. Therefore, PV pension has become a kind of New model.

According to reliable data, in Zhejiang, only 2015, there were more than 20,000 rural residents who chose such investment. Most of the children of rural families work in the cities. In order to give parents a guarantee of their lives, as long as they invest 30,000 to 30,000 yuan, they can have 300-500 yuan per month for the elderly in the next 20 years. How once and for all!

V. Where is the pain point of the family photovoltaic market?

Well, home photovoltaic is so good. Why is it developing so slowly? The main reasons are as follows.

1. There is still a great deal of skepticism among ordinary people about photovoltaic power generation

Chinese residents are relatively knowledge-recognized relative to the developed country residents. They are not familiar with the emerging product of solar power generation. They are only used when they are recognized and installed by the people around them and they see the implementation of capital subsidies.

2. Photovoltaic power generation has just emerged in China

Photovoltaic manufacturing is already familiar in China. Photovoltaic power generation in China was originally distributed only in large-scale ground power plants in the northwest. Distributed photovoltaic power generation has only just emerged in the emerging eastern economically developed regions, and supporting companies have just started.

3, financial support is not perfect

At present, the initial investment in solar energy is relatively high, and the bank support policy for solar power generation is still not perfect, which makes many people who want to invest in solar energy distrust the yield of photovoltaic power generation. As distributed generation has just begun, banks have not responded quickly. At present, more and more distributed generation support policies have been introduced. It is believed that in the near future, all banks will launch support for photovoltaic power generation. policy.

Sixth, summary

The above is some analysis of home photovoltaics, I believe that in the next few years, the family photovoltaic can detonate the investment circle and become a new trillion market.

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